The team at Absco Solutions is always professional, polite, reliable and on time.  I foresee continuing to use them for the next several years.

Civetta Aparments


Absco Solutions is now an Authorized Dealer for the Verkada Video Surveillance

Absco Solutions, Inc. announces partnership with Verkada, Inc. to provide industry leading hybrid cloud turn-key solution. With hybrid cloud technology, there are no trade-offs in reliability and flexibility.


All Absco Offices 
Please read this COVID-19 notice before entering the premises.

Absco Renews its Washington Learning Source Contract

Washington Learning Source (WLS) is a statewide program that provides a source to choose products and services that create economic efficiencies for subscribers. Absco Solutions has been a part of the Security Division of the WLS program since 2013.


This is a letter regarding the Corona-virus (COVID-19) and its potential impact on current and current and future projects…

Absco Solutions is now an Authorized Elite dealer/distributor for Honeywell Farenhyt Series

The Honeywell Farenhyt System offers flexible, turnkey solutions for emergency communications, carbon monoxide (CO) and fire detection.


Safe Work Environments in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

These days everyone is asking what tools and technologies are available to support safe workplace environments. In this article, we pulled together some of the questions you asked with some of the solutions our vendor partners are offering. Some of these solutions are COVID specific, but many could be valuable tools that may increase efficiencies for your business moving forward.

10 Questions to Ask About the Cloud

When organizations think about using the cloud they often think of accessing file share services like OneDrive or other productivity tools like OneNote. However, enterprise cloud adoption goes beyond these services. The cloud provides for the subscription-based economy to meet a whole variety of enterprise needs, including security.

BDA — Not a Boost for Your WiFi

There are several new building codes which require newly constructed structures and, depending on your location, existing structures as well to meet minimum “Emergency Radio” signal strength for emergency responders.

Increase this year’s budget – from the budget of years’ past!

The CARES Act fixed a portion of the tax code which may provide you budget from work we did for you in the past and save cost on work we do this year and next.

Visitor Management

In the security industry, the term “Visitor Management” often refers to a platform that is an extension of the access control system that provides access to and tracks people visiting the facility who do not have assigned credentials.

Reopening and Operating Your Facility in a COVID-19 Era

As the COVID-19 situation has evolved so have our facility procedures. We share with you what we have learned, hoping to save you and your team some effort in reopening and operating your facilities in the weeks and months ahead.

Survivability of Life-Safety and Security Operations

Within the life-safety and security disciplines there has been a push to combine systems into a central access point.  Many organizations have a central location in which these items consolidate- a security office, control center or security operations center…

Articles/Case Studies

Setting New Safety Precedents with Machias Elementary School’s BDA Addition

Honeywell & Benzhor Group
Absco Solutions had the opportunity to partner up with Honeywell and Benzhor Group to create a fantastic case study about a retrofit BDA installation project at Machias Elementary School.

Life Safety and Security Master Planning: Steps to Future Proof Your Systems

Puget Sound Business Journal
My grandfather taught me long ago that if I build a levee too short and a city floods, then I’ve wasted my whole investment. But if I build it…

Stadium Winning with Robust Network Solutions for HD Surveillance

Optigo Networks
One Seattle-based stadium’s surveillance system was experiencing performance issues during peak traffic. This location…

Absco Solutions on About Money Radio

About Money Radio
Erick joined Mike and Sara on About Money Radio to talk about strategic planning and making your facilities security needs are strong and implemented correctly to act in the case of an emergency situation. Erick speaks from 19:55 – 33:30.

Starting From the End: Creating a Master Security Plan

ASIS International
A good master security plan helps you spec and budget for that seven-foot flood with an eight-foot levee. And ultimately, a good plan leads to a good security system.

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